Thursday, March 20, 2014

"How True Detective’s Cinematographer Got These 9 Shots"

Much has been said about the HBO series "True Detective", but I particularly liked this article on that talks about how the cinematographer worked with the director to get 9 of the series' more interesting shots. It's a short read (but it contains massive spoilers). The reason I recommend it is because the article spends a lot of time discussing how story influenced the choice of the staging and camera use, as well as the palette of each shot. The story should always be the basis of how you make all these decisions. Everything should reinforce the story you're trying to tell and every choice should work in concert to help tell that story the best way possible. No great film (or TV series) was ever created by making choices based on "I don't know why I made that choice, I just thought it would look cool".


Michael Yates said...

Great write up and even better show. I was surprised they did not mention this shot:

I was holding my breath the whole time. I love the timing of the sequence really helps to build the tension.

mark kennedy said...

Hey Michael--

Yeah, great show. I don't know how they will top it next season. We will see. Thanks for the comment!

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